Jana Kramer Reveals Why She Plans To Share This Excerpt From Her Book Often

Photo: Getty Images

Jana Kramer shared an excerpt from her forthcoming book on Thursday (September 28), and opened up about why that quote is an important one that she plans to share often.

Kramer announced earlier this year that she would turn the page to the next chapter of her career, with a book called The Next Chapter, due out next month. The country artist, actress and podcast host said in May that she’s been working on the book for more than two years. It serves as “a year diary from the day I filed divorce papers, to a year later and all that I’ve learned since,” though it isn’t all about her ex-husband.

On her Instagram story on Thursday, Kramer said in a statement that her “new book coming out isn’t about my [exes]. Sure there are some stories because they play a part but so did I! The lessons I learned, things I did wrong, what I need to work on…and things I had to heal so I could start to be the best version of myself for my next chapter… I’ve had to do a lot of work to get to a healthier place for my next chapter and it’s been all worth it but this book is about me…” Kramer’s excerpt from The Next Chapter reads:

“This book isn’t a tell-all about a failed marriage, nor is it a how-to guide to relationships. It is not meant to advise you to take the same actions I did, but to show you how I evolved over the course of a year — sometimes for the better, sometimes not.”

Kramer — who us currently pregnant with Baby No. 3, her first child with fiancé Allan Russell — is set to release The Next Chapter on October 24.

“This book isn’t a tell all about my ex, but more stories that made me realize the end was near and the day I knew I had to walk away,” Kramer said when she announced the release date of her book earlier this year. “I bring you back to stories that cover my first abusive relationship, to my journey with anxiety and how I started to believe that I deserved good things. This book isn’t about finding a new relationship and falling in love. This book is about the journey to loving myself and all the missteps along the way. Taking ownership for what I needed to work on, and all the beautiful lessons that came from the darkness.. This book details the hardest, most rewarding year of my life. And to finding hope in the darkest of times.”