Alex Georgia Addresses Kat & Alex Split: 'Here’s The Deal'

Photo: Getty Images

Alex Georgia took a moment to set the record straight after apparently “being made the bad guy,” following an announcement earlier this year that he and Kat Luna decided to part ways “both musically and romantically.” The former married duo, known as Kat & Alex, announced their split in July.

Georgia and Luna, however, separated earlier than that. The Nashville-based American Idol alums have separately said on Instagram that they split in May, including when Georgia took to his Instagram story on Monday afternoon (September 25) to “clear the air.” His statement also comes shortly after he shared a gender reveal video with a surprise proposal for his now-fiancée. Georgia said in videos shared to his Instagram story on Monday:

“So, I’m getting on here to clear the air. I know I said I wouldn’t. But I’m just kind of tired of being made the bad guy in this situation. I’m not gonna sing a song bashing somebody. I’m not petty like that, guys. Here’s the deal. Kat and I split in May. OK. May of this year. We were not allowed to announce the split. Why? We were under contracts. That’s the entertainment business for y’all. Don’t mix relationship and entertainment if you don’t want that to happen to you. Here’s the deal: We could not announce the split. Did I move on? Yes, I moved on. I moved on kinda fast compared to what some people would consider is a normal time frame to move on. That’s fine. That’s just me. That’s my life. But I did not — OK, I repeat — I did not find somebody while I was in a relationship with Kat. Even though our relationship was not that good. OK? I know that what you guys saw is what you guys saw in videos and stuff like that. But here’s the deal: not everything’s what it seems, especially on social media.
“With that information, you guys can go ahead and make whatever assumption you want. Here’s the deal: Stop idolizing celebrities. A lot of y’all are just — you’re looking for something in human beings that are gonna fail you. I’m not saying I was perfect. I was not perfect. Neither was Kat. OK? Both of us have faults, both of us were at fault for the relationship not working. It’s a team effort. OK? But here’s the deal: If you idolize people, celebrities, politicians, you’re always gonna find yourself disappointed because we’re human beings. Y’all need to focus on Jesus. For real. You’re getting way too upset about a relationship that didn’t work between two human beings, OK? That’s all I got to say. I love you guys. God bless y’all. If you wanna DM me and talk more, go for it. I’m an open book. But man, just be happy, y’all.
“That’s the end of my rant, if you wanna call it a rant. I’m just being real with you. I love God, I love people, I love music, and I’m gonna keep doing it until the day that I die. If you wanna talk more, DM me. I’m here. Bye, y'all.”

Kat & Alex shared statement in July, announcing, in part: “After 4 years of love and music, we have mutually decided to part ways both musically and romantically. We are so incredibly grateful for the time God has given us together with not only each other, but with y’all. …Although we will not be doing music together as Kat & Alex, we will still be pursuing our dreams individually as Kat Luna and Alex Georgia. It would mean the world to us to have your continued support on our individual journeys. We love y’all so much.”

Over the weekend, Georgia shared a gender reveal video with a tribute to “a new beginning” on Instagram. The video opens with the singer-songwriter and his now-fiancée praying together before finding out that they’re expecting a baby boy. After the gender reveal, Georgia reached into his cowboy boot and pulled out a ring to pop the question. He said afterward on his Instagram story that the gender reveal and proposal “was nothing short of incredible.” Georgia wrote in his caption on Instagram when he posted the gender reveal video: “Here’s to a new beginning 🌹💍🖤 God at the center, we can’t wait to see what is in store for our little family 🙏🏽 Thank you Jesus 🖤”