Granger Smith & Wife Amber Candidly Speak About Their 'New Chapter' In Life

Photo: Getty Images

Granger Smith and Amber Smith spoke about beginning a new chapter in their lives when they welcomed their youngest child, son Maverick Beckham, after losing son River Kelly in a tragic accident. The former country star and his wife shard their story in an emotional interview on the Tamron Hall Show.

Amber shared one of the interview clips from the interview on Instagram on Tuesday evening (September 19). In it, she and Granger talk about life with Maverick after losing River in 2019, in a tragic drowning accident at the family’s home in Texas. He was 3 years old. Host Tamron Hall reviewed with the Smiths that River was born in 2016, and although Amber and Granger didn’t think they would have more children after that, they ultimately welcomed Maverick in 2021.

“He’s amazing,” Amber said of her now 2-year-old son. “He’s never a replacement for River, but he’s a beautiful new chapter in God’s story.”

Granger, who announced earlier this year that he would leave country music to pursue ministry, said Maverick and River share many similarities to one another, even though they’ve never met. Hall even displayed similar videos taken of Granger with River and Granger with Maverick, walking the same path with each son while holding his hand.

“(Maverick) knows River. He knows his picture, he kisses his picture, he knows that that’s his ‘bubba,’” Granger said. “He watches videos — he actually prefers and likes to watch home videos of River. I don’t understand what’s going on in his mind and what he thinks, or why he sees River with mommy and daddy and now he’s not here and Maverick is. But I don’t think it matters at this point. He’s just very familiar with River.”

Watch the interview clip here: