Granger Smith Urges Parents To Use Caution With Kids When Reading His Book

As Granger Smith prepares for the release date of his emotional book, he shared a warning to parents about whether they should allow their children to read it. Smith, whose book includes reflection of losing his 3-year-old son in a tragic drowning accident and the impact on his faith, said even his kids haven’t read the book yet.

The After MidNite host announced “Like A River” earlier this year, when he revealed that he would leave country music to pursue ministry instead. He called the book the “most important piece of media that I could ever release.” It’s due out on August 1.

“There is some tough stuff in this book. So much so that we haven’t let our own kids read it yet,” Smith opened up as he posted a photo of two of his kids holding the book on Instagram on Monday (July 24). “We’re still praying about the right way to go about that. Though they lived it, there are raw/dark moments that even they don’t know about. I would ask that you have the same discernment and caution with your kids.

“I will say this— just looking at the pictures in the book, Lincoln cried pretty hard and that’s rare for him,” Smith added. “That was probably some emotion that needed to come out.”

“That message is so important to tell,” Smith said when he announced his book, later hinting at the possibility of a book tour on the horizon. “It’s the most important piece of media that I could ever release, that I ever have released. So, it’s gonna take a lot of time for me to get out, and Lord willing, do some kind of book tour, tot all about that get it in front of as many people (as possible) to hear that message. It’s become a life mission for me.”

Smith and his wife, Amber, lost their son, River Kelly Smith, in the summer of 2019, when he was only 3 years old. Smith’s representative confirmed at the time that River died by drowningThe Smiths welcomed son Maverick Beckham Smith in August 2021. They chose his name, in part, because it honors River with the letters R-I-V. Smith opened up about the grief he endured after losing River on his birthday in May, and said that he wants “you to know the whole story… I want the information that I learned to be available to anyone that is hurting.

“Will you read it? Will you send this to a friend that needs it? I really hope you do.”