Kat & Alex Reveal They're Splitting Up 'Both Musically And Romantically'

Photo: Getty Images

Kat & Alex revealed in a heartbreaking statement that they’re parting ways — “both musically and romantically” — after four years. Instead, the married duo will their dreams solo, according to the announcement the duo shared on Instagram on Monday night (July 17).

Nashville-based Kat Luna and Alex Georgia, American Idol alums who formed a “country music duo with Latino roots” together,” asked their instagram followers for their support and understanding as they navigate the process of splitting up and embarking on their on paths as individuals.

“As we are writing this, our hearts are heavy to have to make this announcement,” Kat & Alex wrote in their statement. “After 4 years of love and music, we have mutually decided to part ways both musically and romantically. We are so incredibly grateful for the time God has given us together with not only each other, but with y’all.

“Life isn’t always a perfectly straight road, and we are learning everyday how to navigate it. We hold nothing but love for each other in our hearts and ask only for your support and understanding throughout this process.”

“Although we will not be doing music together as Kat & Alex, we will still be pursuing our dreams individually as Kat Luna and Alex Georgia,” the statement concluded. “It would mean the world to us to have your continued support on our individual journeys. We love y’all so much.”

Kat & Alex were known for soulful country music with a Latin flare, including with bilingual lyrics and Spanish versions of previously-released tracks, including on their September 2022 EPs Kat & Alex Side A and Kat & Alex Lado B. Some of their most popular career-spanning songs include “I Want It All,” “How Many Times,” “Most Nights,” “We Bought a House” and “Lets Find a Bar,” among others. Read their statement here: