Maddie & Tae Share Heartwarming Tribute After 13 Years As Best Friends

Photo: Getty Images

Maddie & Tae debuted a sweet ballad that serves as a tribute to best friends who support one another through heartbreak. The award-winning duo’s newest song is one that they call the “soul sister” for their hit single, “Die From A Broken Heart.”

Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr released “Heart They Didn’t Break” on Friday (June 30), featuring each artist singing her own verse on the track. Maddie & Tae wrote in an Instagram caption: “Here’s to friends… the ones that pick up the pieces, that you can call 24/7, that bring a bottle a wine over when you’ve had a bad day and let you show up exactly how you are. Send this song to your bestie!”

“She ain't the one that slammed the door and tore off in a truck/ She ain't the one that made me feel like I ain't good enough/ But someone's gotta help clean up the mess you went and made/ So, here's to friends there to fix a heart they didn't break”

“We actually did not write this song,” Font said, per the duo’s record label, of the new song penned by Benjy Davis, Anna Vaus and Ryan Beaver, and produced by Corey Crowder. “We normally written all of our songs, but the moment we heard this, we knew it was super special especially being best friends as long as we have and picking up the pieces for each other for the past 13 years. And Tae actually gets to sing lead on it for the first time which is so exciting. So, this is a really, really special song. I feel like it’s the soul sister of ‘Die From a Broken Heart.’”

Maddie & Tae called “Heart They Didn’t Break” the “soul sister” to their smash-hit single from The Way It Feels in 20202, “Die From A Broken Heart.” That song sees the artists seeking a mother’s advice after a painful breakup, wondering “How does he sleep at night?/ Mama, the nerve of this guy/ To leave me so easy/ Am I gonna be alright?/ I wanna kick myself for falling so hard/ Mama, can you die from a broken heart?”

“Our friendship has gotten us through so many phases of life,” the duo said, per their label. “We feel like this song captures that sentiment so beautifully, and we are excited to share it.”

“Heart They Didn’t Break” quickly drew praise from Maddie & Tae’s fans. Some Instagram users wrote in the comments, to list a few: “Honestly, the best thing you've ever released. The instrumental alone is worthy of its own praise, but good lord Tae's solo vocal is everything!!!! You two are so crazy talented it's unreal 💜💜💜,” “I know what’s going to be on repeat for a while 🥹🫶,” and “TAE!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 oh my gosh, this song!! Y’all did a fantastic job!! But I’m over here spinnin over Tae’s piece ❤️ y’all are my favorite ❤️.”

Listen to “Heart They Didn’t Break” here: