Bailey Zimmerman Delivers Epic Metaverse Show In The Midst Of Meteoric Rise

Photo: iHeartRadio

Bailey Zimmerman launched into his epic performance in iHeartLand in Fortnite and Roblox with high energy from the second he took the stage. The country hitmaker, in the midst of a meteoric rise, delivered soulful vocals to the Metaverse crowd at the heels of his debut album release on Friday evening (May 19).

Zimmerman took over the Metaverse at iHeartLand’s State Farm Park during the celebratory show hosted by iHeartRadio's Anne Hudson. Zimmerman’s first-ever full-length project, Religiously. The Album., soared with popularity within the first week of its release on May 12. The massive 16-track collection is packed with fan-favorite anthems like the title track, “Fall In Love,” “Rock and A Hard Place” and others.

“The past two years of my life have been insane and the fact that I get to release my first ever album is so surreal,” Zimmerman previously said in a statement of his 16-track debut album. “Thank you to everyone that has had my back through thick and thin. I will never be able to repay y’all for the love and support, this album is for you.”

Hudson kicked off the event, cueing Zimmerman’s opening performance as he danced onto the stage and briefly removed his cap — a trucker hat that Roblox users can sport themselves — to head bang to the music before kicking off his rendition of “Never Comin’ Home.” HE moved on to deliver a powerful rendition of the ballad “Religiously,” the title track of his new album, and told the stories behind some of your favorite anthems.

“We’re here and we’re alive, and that’s a W in my book, personally,” the fast-rising country star shared with his Fortnite fans. “I think it’s a W that we’re here and we’ve made it to this point. I had a song that, initially, was two different songs and then we smashed them together. One was written in 2017, the other, the chorus of the song, was written in 2020. Then one day, we got together…and I was like, ‘man, I think these two songs should go together, and I think that’s a hit song. I think that’s a really good song.’”

Photo: iHeartRadio

This is the song that took Zimmerman to No. 1 for the first time, he said as he performed “Fall In Love”: “'Cause love's a smoke ring wrapped around your finger/ One second it's a blessing, and the next it's already gone/ A broken heart, I'm a walking testimony/ My confession is a lesson that I'm pouring out in this song/ Oh-whoa-whoa, oh-whoa-whoa/ You don't wanna fall in love/ Oh-whoa-whoa, oh-whoa-whoa/ You don't wanna fall in love.”

Zimmerman, who made his iHeartCountry Festival debut in Texas one day after dropping Religiously. The Album., also treated the Roblox crowd to a never-performed-before rendition of “You Don’t Want That Smoke,” a song that came to him shortly before his album was due. The Illinois-born artist said he knew as soon as he heard it that he had to include it on Religiously. The Album. He closed the unforgettable Metaverse performance with a single that he’s performed all over the globe (particularly on country giant Morgan Wallen’s ongoing world tour): “Rock and A Hard Place.”

Find the whole album on iHeartRadio here.

  1. Religiously
  2. Warzone
  3. Fix’n To Break
  4. Forget About You
  5. Chase Her
  6. Fall In Love
  7. You Don’t Want That Smoke
  8. Found Your Love
  9. Rock and A Hard Place
  10. Other Side Of Lettin’ Go
  11. Pain Won’t Last
  12. Where It Ends
  13. God’s Gonna Cut You Down
  14. Fadeaway
  15. Get to Gettin’ Gone
  16. Is This Really Over?

Viewers watching in Fortnite were able to keep the party going with Jake from State Farm as he closed out the show from State Farm Park, inviting payers to check out iHeartLand's mini games. That included Fortnite users getting to show off off your best dance moves on State Farm Park's dance floor, and take on a game of "How Fan Are You?" to test out their Bailey Zimmerman knowledge for a chance to win gold.

And after catching the show in iHeartLand on Roblox, fans could stick around for some exclusive Bailey Zimmerman content backstage. They could also check out the new and improved iHeartLand in Roblox, iHeartLand: Radio Star Simulator. Fans could gather all the sound energy you can from sound fields around iHeartLand, collect and upgrade radios, and complete quests to win rewards, in addition to collecting their very own radio pets.