Chase Rice Shares How He Made His Most Personal Album In 10-Part Docuseries

Photo: Getty Images

Chase Rice is delving into an even more vulnerable glimpse of his latest full-length project through a 10-part docuseries, which is in the midst of its debut. Rice released I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell earlier this year, hailing it “my favorite record I’ve ever made.” That’s why he’s aiming to show his fans “how these songs came together and how all these bada** musicians and producers changed my life.”

“This’ll never happen again,” Rice said of the uniquely-recorded 13-track album. “It’s an experience that I’ve never experienced, and I never will again. That’s something you just gotta live with.”

Rice dedicated his album to his late father, Daniel Rice, whose photo appears as the record’s artwork. The 1980s snapshot captures the country artist’s father wearing a cowboy hat and holding a beer in each hand while on a trip to Wyoming. Rice previously told iHeartRadio: “If I'm gonna put my dad as the album cover, it's gonna be music that I'm proud of, and I think he would be proud of.

“I especially think he'd listen to this album and say ‘OK, that's the son that I raised and the son that I know,’” Rice added. “It's very, very personal to me with these songs…and much more vulnerable than any other music I've made.”

The 10-episode docuseries, directed by Kaiser Cunningham, kicked off with three new episodes on Tuesday (May 16). Each new installment will be released on Tuesdays, according to a press release about the project. Rice chronicled the recording process with producer Oscar Charles, working on his album from his home “over the course of an immersive two-week session,” following living room songwriting sessions. Watch Rice’s announcement of the docuseries here: