Jana Kramer's Fiery Single Ignites Anticipation For A New Chapter

Photo: Getty Images

Jana Kramer finally dropped her powerful new single, “Let It Burn,” and marked a pivot to her next era of music. The country artist, actress and podcast host released “Let It Burn” on Friday (April 21), just two days after posting a vague hint on her social media channels as fans eagerly tried to guess the “surprise” she had planned (and some guessed correctly).

“We have new music coming out this year, kind of on the next chapter of things, and you know, [‘Let It Burn’] was the last one to put out from the last few chapters,” Kramer said on her Instagram story on Friday. “This song is just about accepting (that) it’s already up in flames, so might as well watch it burn and then move on.”

Kramer previously teased “Let It Burn,” including when she sought opinions from instagram users on her next single. She played snippets of “Let It Burn” and “The Nicest Thing,” and allowed fans to weigh in on which song they’d want to release first. The Whine Down With Jana Kramer host released the latter option in September, and since then, fans have eagerly awaited “Let It Burn.” Listen to Kramer’s newest song here: