Old Dominion's Matthew Ramsey Injured In ATV Accident

Photo: Getty Images

Old Dominion announced that they would postpone upcoming performances after lead singer Matthew Ramsey sustained injuries in an ATV accident. The band and Ramsey posted statements on their social media channels on Tuesday (March 28). Ramsey said:

“I’m afraid I have some disappointing news. I was in an ATV accident that has left my pelvis fractured in three places. The good news is it’s gonna heal just fine. The bad news is I’m gonna have to stay home and recover for a little while. I know we all had plans to sing and dance together in Key West. I was looking forward to that so much! We will make it up to you! I promise we’ll keep you updated on my recovery and any other shows that might be affected. This tour has been such a blast so far this year and before you know it I’ll be back out there with No Bad Vibes! Love you all.”

Old Dominion will push this weekend’s performances in Key West, Florida to next year. The concerts are slated for March 22, 23 and 24 of 2024. Concertgoers who already have tickets will have their tickets honored on the rescheduled date, corresponding with the same day of the week (“For instance, if you are holding a ticket for Friday, March 31, 2023, that ticket will be honored for the rescheduled show on Friday, March 22, 2024,” Old Dominion noted). Fans can get full refunds at the point of purchase for the next 30 days if they cannot attend the rescheduled date. Old Dominion promised additional updates on future shows.

Old Dominion kicked off the “No Bad Vibes Tour” earlier this year, bringing an all-star lineup on the road with them: Frank RayKassi Ashton and Greylan James are slated to perform during the U.S. dates, and Ray, Steven Lee Olsen and Shawn Austin will play during the Canada dates. The tour began in January with dates scheduled through June.

“At the [‘No Bad Vibes’ Tour], we want y’all to feel happy... like you can forget about whatever is bothering you or whatever’s weighing you down. Just come and hangout with us, and escape for a couple hours,” Old Dominion shared when they announced the tour in October 2022. “[Whiskey Jam] is a big part of our history as a band and a huge platform for up-and-coming artists in Nashville. That’s why we’re bringing some Whiskey Jam favorites with us on tour. We can’t wait to see you! Hopefully you’ll walk out feeling a little lighter than when you walked in.”