Maren Morris Relives Powerful Moments From Nashville Benefit Concert

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Maren Morris reflected on a star-studded Nashville concert, declaring that “love rose up” at the event on Monday night (March 20).

Morris was one of many artists to take the stage at Bridgestone Arena in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee, delivering a powerful performance at LOVE RISING: A benefit concert and celebration of Life and Liberty. The show benefitted the Tennessee Equality Project, Inclusion Tennessee, Out Memphis and The Tennessee Pride Chamber in partnership with the Looking Out Foundation.

“Love rose up,” Morris wrote in an Instagram caption on Tuesday (March 21), sharing a few photos capturing her stunning look. “Thank you Nashville, the gorgeous Queens and the LGBTQ+ community for showing up last night. A HUGE thank you to [Allison Russell], [Ali Harnell] + [Hunter Kelly] for pulling off the unthinkable at Bridgestone. A lot of healing happened and it won’t be forgotten. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️”

Love Rising: Let Freedom Sing (and Dance) A Celebration Of Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Photo: Getty Images

The Humble Quest superstar also shared a clip from the show, speaking into the mic as she walked across the stage, in front of a cheering crowd: “and yes, I introduced my son [3-year-old Hayes] to some drag queens today. So, Tennessee, f*cking arrest me.”

Russell was also included in the LOVE RISING  lineup, in addition to Amanda ShiresBrittany HowardHayley WilliamsHozierJake Wesley RogersJason IsbellJoy OladokunJulien BakerMaren MorrisMya ByrneSheryl CrowThe Rainbow Coalition BandYola and special guests (including Nashville Mayor John Cooper, who said, “we will always be a welcoming city,” as he declared March 20 Love Rising Day). Brothers Osborne was initially part of the LOVE RISING lineup, though they dropped out when duo member John Osborne announced that his wife went into labor with the couple’s twins. He said in a statement, in part: “…show the world what our town is made of and let’s fight to keep Nashville full of the love, light, and inclusivity that it is known for. For that is the type of place we want to raise our children.”

Morris wrote on her Instagram story that she wanted to wear a suit, “to demonstrate the subjectivity of drag and gender expression. There’s a reason we feel powerful in a suit, but why? Is it our tinges of both feminine and masculine being on public display? Is it just more comfortable than a dress? Or is it just hot and makes you feel like a damn superhero? The answer is ‘all over the above,’ and also ‘who cares? Do you.’”

See Morris’ post following LOVE RISING here (warning: language):