HARDY Remembers Emotional Moment He Heard His Powerful Lainey Wilson Collab

HARDY told the story behind his smash-hit storytelling song, “wait in the truck,” a chilling collaboration that he released with Lainey Wilson. It’s a “classic storytelling song,” he said, that he wrote with Hunter Phelps and Jordan Schmidt on a rainy day in Nashville, Tennessee.

“When I say the rest was a blur, I truly mean it,” HARDY recently told CMT as he reflected on the songwriting process and the powerful music video. HARDY praised Wilson’s authenticity as he remembered sending her the song for the first time. Wilson was just taking off on a flight, so it wasn’t until a few hours later that he knew she’d agreed to join forces with him.

“I remember Jordan Schmidt sent us the demo that night, and I have never done this before,” HARDY said, per CMT. “I was sitting on the couch with my — she was my girlfriend (at the time), she’s my wife now, and I listened to it sitting next to Caleigh and I just started crying, and I don’t know why. It was just so, so powerful, and I just knew, ‘man, this song is really gonna help people.’”

HARDY also shared his favorite lyrics in the song, explained why the murder scene was his favorite part of the music video, and how Wilson motivated him to be on his “A game” while they collaborated on the video. Watch HARDY share his stories with CMT here, and watch the music video again below.