Chase Rice 'Never Understood' Dog People Until He Met His Dog Jack

Photo: Getty Images

Chase Rice penned a heartwarming tribute to his dog, Jack, as he celebrates his 2nd birthday on Thursday (March 16). Rice posted an adorable series of photos of Jack, beginning with a snapshot of him as a puppy wearing a big, bright red bow tie.

“I never understood why dog people always cared about their dogs so much, til I met this little buddy,” Rice wrote in his caption. “Now there's songs about him, music videos, shows where he's on stage, and people know all about him. But he just loves being my dog, and loves people. If only we were all that simple. Today he's 2, and he's the best dog I ever had. I can't wait to live through all the things we get to see together. Happy birthday Jack.”

Rice’s post quickly drew happy birthday wishes to Jack, and agreement from other pet owners that “dogs are the best.” See Rice’s sweet birthday tribute to Jack here:

Rice recently kicked off the “Way Down Yonder Tour,” in support of his latest album, I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell. The country singer-songwriter previously shared that “this’ll be the most personal show we’ve ever done.” His 13-track album, “the best album of my career,” also included the most vulnerable music he’s ever written and recorded. The project is dedicated to Rice’s late father, who “was one of those good guys you read about – tough, hardworking, always helping other people out.” See Rice’s tour dates here: