Lee Ann Womack Remembers The Advice She Got From The Late Loretta Lynn

Photo: Getty Images

Lee Ann Womack took a moment to remember the late Loretta Lynn on International Women’s Day, reflecting on the moment she met the country music legend — and the guidance she gave her that day.

Womack said that International Women’s Day “wouldn't be complete without a piece of advice from Loretta!,” she wrote in a tweet on Wednesday (March 8). She shared a 45-second video to recall her memory with Lynn, who died peacefully at her Tennessee ranch on October 4, 2022. She was 90.

“One artist that I loved growing up that I was so excited to meet when I first started out was Loretta Lynn, of course,” Womack said. “And she was pretty fired up that day about meeting me simply because I was so country and she was so excited about having this really traditional country artist, female artist, coming on the scene.

“When we sat down to talk, her main objective was to make sure that I understood that I was never to let a record label or anybody talk me into going pop. That’s how she put it: ‘going pop,’” Womack continued. “She was obsessed about that. And so, you know, I told her I didn’t think I really could even if I tried. She was just adamant about that, so that was something I’ve always carried with me.”

Watch Womack tell the story here: