Jimmie Allen Says Farewell To Nashville After 16 Years, Announces Move

Photo: Getty Images

Freedom is a highway for Jimmie Allen, who just announced he's moving out of the city he's called home for 16 years.

The "Best Shot" singer penned a short and sweet letter to Nashville on Twitter on Saturday (February 25) to let his followers know that he's going to soon call a new city home. "Dear Nashville, I came to you in 2007 chasing this music dream. Thank you for the memories we made over the years. It's time to move on now but I’ll be back to visit for sure," Allen wrote, adding "Take care."

A fan replied to his tweet asking if the 37-year-old singer was "LA bound," but Allen said he was moving to Florida. Another fan said Allen was "pulling a Taylor Swift move," but he clarified he wasn't leaving country music, just the city of Nashville. "Just moving to FL somewhere warmer with a beach haha," he replied.

The Delaware native most recently released single "Lose You" back in October on the heels of his third studio album, Tulip Drive. He's also currently on the road with Carrie Underwood on the "Denim & Rhinestones Tour."