Watch Kelsea Ballerini's Cryptic TikTok Response Amid Chase Stokes Rumors

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini responded to a TikTok user in a mysterious way, and seemed to stir speculation among the commenters.

One TikToker tagged Chase Stokes to tell him to “come get your girl,” referring to Ballerini, following the Outer Banks star and “HEARTFIRST” artist’s dating rumors. Ballerini took to TikTok with a response to the comment on Wednesday morning (February 8). She doesn’t say a word in the video or in the caption, but shows a glimpse of herself sipping coffee while sitting in bed. She tilts the camera slightly, revealing only a tattooed arm of a person who appears to be in bed next to her. Ballerini appears to smile and giggle as she moves the phone back to her face.

The reply quickly prompted hundreds of comments as eagle-eyed fans sought to figure out whose arm appeared in the clip.

“Spilling tea and also sipping it 🍵 😂,” one TikToker commented. “I did some digging, that is 100% chase’s arm tats!!,” another said, and someone else wrote, “google searches for ‘Chase Stokes arm’ just skyrocketed.” Others made another observation: “I’m crying at the shadow reflection of his side profile on the bed,” and “If the ‘mom’ tattoo didn’t give it away, the shadow on the wall is 100% his side profile 😂.” Some even wondered whether the couple truly confirmed that they’re dating, or if it’s all a “publicity stunt.”

Ballerini previously shared that she has no intention of clearing up any rumors about her at this point. Last month, she answered a few questions on her Instagram story, including “Any rumors you want to clear up? 😂” Ballerini responded at that time, with a laugh, “honestly, no,” and explained: “having so many people care about my personal life/friendships/relationships is is very new, and at first the speculation and anxiety around it felt crippling…but now i’m just choosing to be in this new season of life and explore the feelings and do what sparks joy without the need to please, inform, or correct anyone other than my close lil world. subject to change, of course. but i’m happy. 🤍”

See the TikTok for yourself here: