Luke Bryan & His Wife Laugh About Wedding Photo Grabbing Each Other's Butts

Photo: Getty Images

Luke Bryan recently reflected on his favorite photo from his wedding day, and it’s the one that’s “so goofy” he can’t help but laugh every time he sees it.

The photo captures the award-winning country hitmaker walking side-by-side with his wife, Caroline Bryan, on the beach. The snapshot was taken from behind, capturing the then-newlyweds grabbing one another’s butts as they take a stroll on the beach.

Bryan recently told PEOPLE, while he headlined his eighth annual Crash My Playa festival in Mexico last month: “We got married in Turks and Caicos. It was a really small wedding — just close family and friends. …There's a photo of Caroline and I walking down the beach squeezing each other's butts that we love. It's our same personalities we have today — just so goofy.”

“Whenever we look at our wedding album, that one always makes us laugh — it was and still is pretty funny. Great memory.”

The “One Margarita” artist met his now-wife — who are also now parents and share heartwarming (and hilarious) moments with their family — in college. They marked 16 years of marriage in December. Bryan wrote in a sweet tribute to his wife at that time: “It is so amazing sharing this life with you. Thank you for putting up with all my craziness I throw your way. I’ve loved you since the second I saw you. It’s truly remarkable what we’ve done together. I love you (to) the moon and back and here’s to 100 more. Love you.”

”I married my college sweetheart,” Bryan recently said, per his record label. “We dated back in college and broke up for nearly six years, and while I was off doing my Nashville stuff and touring and writing songs, she was finishing getting her career kind of going. Man, we just kinda bumped into each other one night, and it was like bam, here we are married.”

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