Brett Eldredge Opens Up About Making Space For 'Things That Scare Me'

Photo: Getty Images

Brett Eldredge is diving into 2023 with a lengthy new bucket list, aimed at doing “all the things Ive always wanted to do but never made the time.”

The Songs About You artist posted a reel on Instagram on Tuesday morning (February 7), writing out a bucket list long enough to include 15 items (though he didn’t reveal what he wrote on the list), and opened the door for suggestions from his social media followers for additional goals. Eldredge wrote in his caption:

“My 2023 BUCKET LIST- This year I’m gonna do all the things Ive always wanted to do but never made the time…things that scare me, chasing moments that make me feel alive and see the wonder in the world…all things big and small…got a couple spots left, any ideas before I finish this and hang it up across from my bed to look at every day I wake up?”

Some of Eldredge’s fans commented with some recommendations, including taking a solo trip (“throw a dart at a map and see where it lands!”), writing and sending letters to loved ones, diving with sharks and more. A few of them even tried to catch a glimpse of the first item, which is barely visible behind Eldredge’s shoulder as he writes the list. Some of his fans think it reads, “grow a mustache.”

See Eldredge’s post about his 2023 bucket list here: