Morgan Wallen Reveals Release Date Of Massive 36-Track Album

Photo: Getty Images

Morgan Wallen dropped his long-awaited album announcement on his social media channels on Monday (January 30), finally revealing that his highly-anticipated project will be a massive collection of 36 new songs.

“This announcement has been a long time coming,” Wallen said as he announced the album on Monday, celebrating the occasion with three new songs: “Last Night,” “Everything I Love,” and “I Wrote The Book,” which he previously teased just before HARDY unleashed his half country, half rock album earlier this month.

Wallen’s upcoming album features a few titles that his fans will undoubtedly recognize, including “You Proof” and “Thought You Should Know.” It also includes a few songs that he’s been teasing on his social media channels since confirming that he’s in “album grind mode.”

The project features a few collaborations, including with “Drink in My Hand” superstar Eric Church, and HARDY and ERNEST, both of whom are set to join Wallen on his headlining world tour, along with Parker McCollum and Bailey Zimmerman.

ERNEST previously hinted that he, HARDY and Wallen all planned to drop albums in the same year. So far, HARDY released the mockingbird & The Crow, ERNEST will release Two Dozen Roses (his follow-up to Flower Shops) on February 10, and Wallen’s One Thing At A Time will follow on March 3. See the full, lengthy track list below, and see Wallen’s announcement here:

  1. Born With A Beer IN My Hand
  2. Last Night
  3. Everything I Love
  4. Man Made A Bar (feat. Eric Church)
  5. Devil Don’t Know
  6. One Thing At A Time
  7. ’98 Braves
  8. Ain’t That Some
  9. I Wrote The Book
  10. Tennessee Numbers
  11. Hope That’s True
  12. Whiskey Friends
  13. Sunrise
  14. Keith Whitley
  15. In the Bible (feat. HARDY)
  16. You Proof
  17. Thought You Should Know
  18. F150-50
  19. Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)
  20. I Deserve A Drink
  21. Wine Into Water
  22. Me + All Your Reasons
  23. Tennessee Fan
  24. Money On Me
  25. Thinkin’ Bout Me
  26. Single Than She Was
  27. Days That End In Why
  28. Last Drive Down Main
  29. Me To Me
  30. Don’t Think Jesus
  31. 180 (Lifestyle)
  32. Had It
  33. Cowgirls (feat. ERNEST)
  34. Good Girl Gone Missin’
  35. Outlook
  36. Dying Man