Tyler Hubbard Pours 'Heart And Soul' Into Long-Awaited Solo Debut

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Tyler Hubbard officially marked the dawn of a new era in his career as he released his debut solo album on Friday (January 27). The “5 Foot 9” artist shared his long-awaited, self-titled project ofter months of dropping teasers from the 18-track collection.

“Today’s the day y’all. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this album, and I’m so excited to finally share it with y’all,” Hubbard said on Friday. “This project is more than just a record to me - it's where I come from, where I've been, and who I am now. Songwriting and making music is one of the greatest joys in my life, and being able to share this album and these songs with y'all means the world to me. Thanks for being on this ride with me. This is just the beginning.”

His wife, Hayley Hubbard, shared her superstar husband's excitement on Instagram: “It’s out! And I couldn’t be more proud and excited for you [Tyler Hubbard]. It’s always so special (and quite a miracle) getting to witness songs and albums come to fruition but this one feels so different and special. So much heart, prayer, grit, vulnerability and fun went into this album and I’m grateful the kids and I get to be alongside for this new chapter. I’m so happy the world gets to hear these songs now 🤗 as always, it took a village — many answered prayers for an incredible team and so much support from friends. So so excited!”

Tyler Hubbard includes previously-released fan-favorites, like “Dancin’ In The Country,” “Everybody Needs a Bar,” “Me For Me,” “Inside and Out,” and, of course, the sweet single inspired by his wife, “5 Foot 9,” among others. To Hubbard, the album is a way to connect with fans — many know him from the hit-making duo Florida Georgia Line, with partner Brian Kelley — on “a deeper level.”

“I think a few takeaways that I hope the fans get from listening to this album is first and foremost, is I hope fans feel encouraged and inspired,” Hubbard said, per his record label. “I hope it brings hope and joy, and I really hope the fans feel more connected to me than they did before and feel like they know me on a deeper level. It’s important.

“So, with the album, the track listing, the sequence, I really just wanted the fans to go on a journey from track one to track 18,” he added. “I didn’t want there to be any songs that you wanted to skip over. I wanted each song to bring out a specific emotion, and I wanted it to be a journey, like I said. I want it to be fun, first and foremost. I wanted the fans to get to know me on a personal level and I wanted them to feel something, to feel anything, whether it be make you laugh, making you cry, making you nostalgic or thinking about the past or whatever the case may be. I just want my music to make you feel, and I hope that’s what this album does, and I hope you guys love it from track one to track 18.”

Hubbard kicked off his new era of music with “5 Foot 9,” a tribute to his wife, in May 2022, followed by a few other teasers. Later in the year, the Georgia native released a 6-track collection, Dancin’ In The Country, just in time to join Keith Urban’s headlining tour. Hubbard wrote or co-wrote every song on the 18-track album He teamed up with a few all-star artists and songwriters to pull the collection together, including Urban, Canaan Smith, Russell Dickerson, Thomas Rhett, Bebe Rexha, Rhett Akins, Brad Tursi of Old Dominion, and many others.

Find Tyler Hubbard on iHeartRadio here. Listen to a few of the songs here, and find the full track list below.

“Dancin’ In The Country”

  1. Dancin’ In The Country (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Jon Nite, Ross Copperman, Keith Urban)
  2. 5 Foot 9 (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Jaren Johnston, Chase McGill)
  3. Baby Gets Her Lovin’ * (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Jesse Frasure, Canaan Smith)
  4. Everybody Needs A Bar (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Zach Kale)
  5. Me For Me (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Russell Dickerson, Thomas Rhett)
  6. Tough (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Bebe Rexha)
  7. I’m The Only One (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Chris Loocke, Rhett Akins)
  8. She Can (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Parker Welling, Casey Brown)
  9. Small Town Me (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Chris LaCorte)
  10. Inside And Out (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Trevor Rosen, Brad Tursi)
  11. Out This Way (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Chris LaCorte, Josh Miller)
  12. By The Way (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Corey Crowder, Canaan Smith)
  13. Paradise (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Rodney Clawson, Zach Kale)
  14. How Red (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Andy Albert, Tofer Brown)
  15. 35’s (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Michael Tyler)
  16. Leave Me Alone (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Ashley Gorley, Benjamin Johnson)
  17. Miss My Daddy (Written by Tyler Hubbard)
  18. Way Home (Written by Tyler Hubbard, Corey Crowder, Canaan Smith)

*Produced by Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt and Jesse Frasure