'It's Happening Right Here': RaeLynn's Song Debuts With Important Message

Photo: Getty Images

RaeLynn delivered a powerful song with an important message on Friday (January 27).

The country singer-songwriter knew without a doubt that she had to sing “It’s Happening Right Here,” going hand-in-hand with a documentary that aims to raise awareness about sexual solicitation and how to recognize risks to help protect children and teens.

RaeLynn announced earlier this week that she’d release “It’s Happening Right Here,” after teasing her social media followers with a few hints. RaeLynn confirmed the song and music video’s release date with Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization that aims to “rescue children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.” Its founder, Tim Ballard, a former special agent speaks at the beginning of the music video, which opens with a statistic: 1 in 5 children who use the internet have been sexually solicited.

“Through Raelynn’s new original song featured in the groundbreaking documentary ‘It’s Happening Right Here,’ we are shown that light can be found even in the darkest places. “It’s Happening Right Here” unveils the truth that sex trafficking can happen in every community in the U.S. Despite the darkness of the crime, hope can be found through the organizations fighting to end trafficking, as well as those sharing their experiences to protect others.”

“When I got the call from [Tim Ballard] asking me to sing this song for this Documentary my answer was a 100% Yes,” RaeLynn shared on Friday. “My prayer for this Song/ Music Video and film, ‘It’s Happening Right Here,’ is that it will bring awareness and shed light on the seriousness of this topic. I pray it educates people on how to protect their children and families and through that save lives. Despite the evilness of the sex trafficking industry, there is hope - there are still good people who care and are willing to speak up and protect our kids. We can let the light in and I pray this song is a catalyst to that. Also the biggest shoutout to my creative brother [TK McKamy] we have been doing videos together for almost 10 years. He directed ‘god made girls’ and I love him so dearly. Thank you for making this come to life with this amazing team.”

“It’s happening right here/ It’s happening right now/ Yeah Once you turn the light on/ You can’t just turn it out/ It’s behind the door, just up the street/ Down the hall on a cell phone screen/ It’s a wake up call for us all in the mirror/ It’s happening right here”

Ballard explains, as the music video begins: “They’re looking for prey. They’re looking for their next victim. People kind of comfort themselves by saying, ‘well, that’s not me. That’s just in very, very remote, poor areas.’ It’s in every area. The only difference is, in the more affluent areas, it’s undercover.”

The documentary will be available to rent or buy on January 31. Watch RaeLynn’s music video here: