RaeLynn Posts Stunning Photos With Cryptic Messages On Social Media

Photo: Getty Images

RaeLynn keeps stirring anticipation with cryptic photos on social media… and Instagram users are eager for new music from the country singer-songwriter.

For days, RaeLynn has been posting stunning photos on Instagram, captioned with only one all-caps word at a time with the hashtag, “new music.” As of publication time on Tuesday afternoon (January 24), the photos spell out: ITS HAPPENING RIGHT HERE.

RaeLynn’s latest full-length project is Baytown, a 14-track project named after her Texas hometown that released in September 2021. She said in a statement at that time: “Everything that I am and what I represent is imprinted with my hometown in my heart. No matter what I do, what I sing or where I live, Baytown will always be represented because it made me who I am today.”

RaeLynn has since followed her hometown-inspired album — which includes “Keep Up,” “Judgin’ To Jesus,” “She Chose Me” and other fan-favorites — with a few heartfelt singles that debuted last year. In May 2022, RaeLynn released “I Love My Hometown” and “If God Took Days Off,” (“Cause your girl ain’t done singing about hometowns and Jesus”). In October, RaeLynn shared an upbeat anthem, “Raisin’ Me A Country Girl,” dedicated to her daughter, Daisy Rae, who was born in September 2021. RaeLynn performed the Daisy-inspired song live for the first time at the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Growing up in Texas, I was always outside playing in the dirt, rocking a sundress with my dog and even a couple of goats," RaeLynn said in a statement as she released the song about her 1-year-old daughter in October. "The values expressed in this song were instilled in me at a very young age, and now I want to pass them on to my daughter. I love 'Raisin' Me A Country Girl' because it celebrates being strong, and that's what I want Daisy to be - a strong, sweet, tough girl who knows what matters most in life."

No word yet on the official release date of any more music, however. See RaeLynn’s latest teasers below.