Carly Pearce Reveals Why She Once Had A Warrant Out For Her Arrest

Photo: Getty Images

Carly Pearce recorded a “Get Ready With Me” video as she applied her makeup… and she told a wild story in the process.

“I bet you weren’t expecting that one,” Pearce wrote as she shared the clip on Twitter on Friday (January 20). She said as she kicked off the video with a fresh face and her hair wrapped in a towel: “I’m doing my makeup, and I’m gonna tell you about the time that I had a warrant out for my arrest.”

Pearce said it happened while she was on a radio tour for her 2017 ballad, “Every Little Thing,” and her flight was canceled. She and her band sprang into action, rented a car and started driving to the next city where she was scheduled to perform. She got pulled over while driving through her home state of Kentucky.

“…I did not realize the speed limit went very quickly from, I believe, like, 70 (mph) to 35 (mph), and let’s just be real, I was already going 85 (mph),” Pearce admitted. “So, he [the cop] pulled me over and he gave me a ticket, and I could tell he was really annoyed. But we had to get to the show, so I didn’t look at the speeding ticket until we got to the venue a few hours later and realized I had a reckless driving ticket.

“So, I paid the ticket and thought nothing of it,” Pearce continued, but “then got a call that there was a warrant out for my arrest because I did not go to traffic school or pay the full amount of my ticket, because I did not realize that it was a big offense if you are reckless driving.”

Luckily, Pearce and the law enforcement officer bonded over country music, and that worked to her advantage.

“You’re never gonna believe it, but the cop was a country fan,” Pearce said. She gave him tickets to one of her shows, “and he dropped the warrant — or the charge, whatever you wanna call it.”

Pearce closed her video with a message to the officer, and shared a moral to her story as she debuted her final look.

“So, that police officer in Kentucky, thank you. You can come to a show any time,” she said. “The moral of the story, y’all, is be aware of the speed limits where you’re going, and it pays to be a country singer sometimes.”

Pearce recently performed her first show of 2023, making her debut at Crash My Playa, Luke Bryan’s annual festival in Mexico. The “Next Girl” artist previously shared that she’s “been telling Luke for years I want to go to Crash My Playa,” and could hardly wait to finally perform. This year’s all-star lineup also includes Ashley McBryde, Brian Kelley, Chase Rice, Cole Swindell, Chris Stapleton and more.