Jimmie Allen & Callista Clark Drop Smoldering Portrayal Of Backsliding Exes

Photo: Getty Images

Callista Clark and Jimmie Allen joined forces to debut a smoldering duet after teasing their social media followers. The pair deliver a soulful portrayal of an on-again, off-again couple conflicted with their emotions amid a split, unable to fully move on from the relationship.

Clark kicks off “Wish You Wouldn’t,” seemingly replaying the familiar, “clockwork” scenario when she finally stops thinking about her ex, only for him to resurface. Though she says he lies and nothing is ever different, she always seems to give in and give him another chance. Allen joins in the second verse, singing that his ex hates being alone and urging her to “tell the truth: it ain’t me, it’s you.” He adds that he knew better, but “I like the sound of you and me together.” Though they both seem to be familiar with one another’s patterns, Clark and Allen tell the story of a couple that continues to backslide:

“You’ll pick up your phone/ Thinkin’ you should call me up/ ‘Cause you’re wonderin’ how I’ve been/ And you’ll say you’re still in love/ Oh, I wish you wouldn’t/ ‘Cause you know you shouldn’t/ You’ll say you couldn’t help it/ But you’re really bein’ selfish/ So I wish you wouldn’t/ I wish you wouldn’t/ I wish you wouldn’t/ But I wish you would”

Listen to “Wish You Wouldn’t” here: