Here's Carrie Underwood's 'Short And Sweet' Workout To Get Sculpted Legs

Photo: Getty Images

Carrie Underwood shared one of her favorite ways “to add a little extra credit to my workouts,” and it’s a way that’s beginner-friendly and quick.

Underwood previously added her actual “leg day” routine to fit52, her fitness app that launched hand-in-hand with her book, Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit 52 Life. The “Denim & Rhinestones” artist added her leg day workouts to fit52 after many people frequently questioned how she sculpted her legs. The workouts were adapted so app users could participate at any fitness level.

“New to the fitness game and not exactly sure where to start? We’ve got you!,” reads a post by fit52. “Flash Fits are short and sweet sessions that are a fun and accessible way to start adding more movement into your routine.”

Underwood added that the “Flash Fit is my favorite way to add a little extra credit to my workouts.”

The exercises in Underwood’s “famous leg day workout” include: Fire Hydrants, Side Lying Leg Lifts, Bulldog Floor Squats and Standing Hamstring Curls. Anyone trying the workout should complete five reps of each exercise, five times through, according to Underwood and fit52. See the post — including demonstrations of each exercise — here: