Wynonna Judd Shares Candid Update On Her Mental Health

Photo: Getty Images

Wynonna Judd shared a candid update about her mental health in response to comments from social media users that seemed to express concern for her wellbeing.

“Well, I’m OK,” Judd said in a video she shared on her social media channels on Tuesday (January 3). The award-winning country artist said, at first, she thought, “opinions and bubbles,” when she saw some comments about her health. But, “then I realized, people are genuinely concerned.”

One social media user was “worried that her ‘manager’ is pushing her too hard,” reads a comment that Judd displayed in the video, omitting the writer’s name. The commenter added later: “For God’s sake…she just tragically lost her mother. Seems like her manager is getting a little greedy at the expense of her health. She just doesn’t appear well. I would like to see her take an extended break for her own mental and physical health.”

“I am working so hard on my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing,” Judd assured. “I have a great team. I’m really blessed, and I’m broken, and I’m working really hard at self care, which is not selfish. It’s sacred.”

Judd and her sister, actress Ashley Judd, confirmed in a heartbreaking statement that their mother, Naomi Judd, had died unexpectedly. She was 76. Judd has been traveling on “The Final Tour,” and recently announced extended performance dates in 2023. She previously said the tour honors Naomi — one half of the iconic mother-daughter duo, The Judds — in song.

Fans also relayed well wishes to Judd for her health after she dropped out of a New Year’s Eve performance with Kelsea Ballerini, who is among the star-studded lineup on “The Final Tour,” in Nashville, Tennessee. Judd announced that day that, “instead, I am on the bus struggling with an extreme bout of vertigo, and am unable to perform. Nashville, I am absolutely heartbroken and so sorry to have let you all down tonight. Kelsea, I look forward to stepping onstage with you in February, better than ever!!!!”

Judd explained that works hard and has a “full schedule,” but also saves time to be at her farm, walk in the woods, take her dogs outside and spend time with her family. 

“So, I’m OK,” Judd assured again as she concluded her message. “The last thing I’ll say is: can’t keep a good woman down too long.”