ERNEST Reveals 'Flower Shops' Follow-Up, Adding To The 'Same Old Sad Story'

Photo: Getty Images

ERNEST dropped three new songs to kick off the weekend, and he revealed that they’re all part of his follow-up project to Flower Shops.

Two Dozen Roses, due in February, will add 13 new songs to the previously-released 11 tracks on Flower Shops (The Album), which made its debut earlier this year. ERNEST’s forthcoming project builds onto the “same old, sad story,” he said as he announced the project in an interview with CMT. “He dropped the ball and has to go back to the flower shops again.

“When Flower Shops (The Album), came out, the sense of pride I had over that and the commitment I made to this brand, I’m still just as proud of,” ERNEST continued. “But I think this next 13 songs really hammers in that same brand. It’s just a continuation of the story.”

Earlier this year, ERNEST seemed to drop a major hint on Instagram that he, HARDY and Morgan Wallen all have projects in the works, and would release new music around the same time. One Instagram user commented on ERNEST’s post, “If we get a HARDY, morgan, and ern album in the same year I will be deceased,” and ERNEST replied, “I’d get ur affairs in order lol.” HARDY is set to drop a half-country, half-rock album, The Mockingbird & The Crow, on January 20, 2023. Wallen, who will include HARDY and ERNEST as special guests on his upcoming world tour, has begun to release a few new songs as he gets into “album grind mode.”

On Friday (December 16), ERNEST shared a few new tracks, including “Miss That Girl,” “Songs We Used To Sing” and “Unhang The Moon.” all three songs will appear on Two Dozen Roses, out on February 10, 2023. Listen to ERNEST’s newest three songs below:

“Miss That Girl”