Alan Jackson's First Grandson Is Born — See The Heartwarming First Photo

Photo: Getty Images

Alan Jackson’s first grandson has made his arrival!

The legendary country artist’s daughter Ali, the middle of Jackson’s three girls, and her husband Sam welcomed their first child, Jackson Alvie Bradshaw, on Tuesday (December 13). Jackson’s arrival was even sweeter this week, as the “Remember When” icon celebrates more than four decades of marriage with his wife, Denise. He shared a heartwarming photo as he and Denise held Jackson: “Denise and I are celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary with our new grandson Jackson Alvie Bradshaw. Ali and Sam welcomed Jack into the world on Dec 13, 2022. So happy that this little guy has made us grandparents!”

One of Ali's sisters, bestselling author Mattie Jackson Selecman — who got engaged earlier this year — expressed her excitement on her Instagram story over the summer as she celebrated that she’d soon have a nephew and congratulated her sister and brother-in-law. Though Jackson didn’t immediately comment publicly on Ali’s pregnancy, he referenced his own music when he shared on Facebook and Twitter: “A lot about livin' and a little 'bout love.” Some of Jackson’s fans took it as an opportunity to congratulate him in the comments. It wasn’t long after that that Jackson took to Instagram with a heartwarming tribute.

“Our baby is having a baby. Denise and I can’t wait to meet our first grandson in December!” Jackson captioned on Instagram, posting a sweet photo dancing with his daughter on her wedding day. He included the hashtag, “You’ll Always Be My Baby,” referencing the heartfelt song written for his daughters’ weddings: “Now you're a woman on your own/ All in love and nearly gone/ But you'll always be my baby/ No matter where you are/ You'll always be my baby/ Forever in my heart.”