Watch Jason Aldean & His Wife Brittany Hilariously Prank Call Luke Bryan

Photo: Getty Images

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, hilariously prank called Luke Bryan. The husband-and-wife duo teamed up on the call to confuse the “Country On” hitmaker.

Jason wore a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and Brittany, trying to hold back laughter, listened to everything Bryan said on speakerphone and whispered to Jason — who seemed to have no idea what Bryan said on the call — how he should respond. Jason caught on to some of Brittany’s cues, but ended up misreading a few of her suggestions throughout the call (which was even funnier to Brittany).

“Wanna go to Africa?” Jason asks a confused Bryan on the call, telling him that he’s heading there, “tomorrow.” Later, Bryan, who says he notices a “delay” on the call, asks Jason where he is. Brittany suggested he respond “Canada,” which Jason read as “Atlanta.”

“Are you drunk?” Bryan wondered, and, prompted by Brittany’s nod, Jason replied, “yeah.” “What are you doing in Atlanta?” Bryan asks the “Rock & Roll Cowboy” star. Instead of “chillin’,” as Brittany tried to suggest, Jason said, “sh*t.”

The two country giants ended the call by exchanging “I love yous,” and Instagram users couldn’t stop laughing at the hilarious prank. Watch it here (warning: language):