10 Must-See Dolly Parton TikToks That Will Make Your Day

Photo: Getty Images

Dolly Parton has finally arrived on TikTok!

The country music legend made her debut on Sunday (December 4), kicking off her arrival to the social media platform with a flashback to some of her most iconic looks over the years, set to her empowering anthem “9 To 5.” She followed up with others, writing “Hey TikTok! What did I miss?” and “Better late than never! 🌟” in the captions.

It wasn’t long before Parton started catching up by adding more, including snapshots that represent versions of Parton on each social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and TikTok — because she “wasn't kidding when I said, ‘get you a woman who can do it all’”). Parton also encouraged other “creative” TikTok users to tag her, shared some of her “baking blunders,” a baking-inspired clip set to “Berry Pie,” assuring that her food tastes good even when it’s “not pretty,” and revealed the food that’s made her ditch multiple diets, and posted one of her contagious laughter.

Since she arrived to the social media platform, TikTok users have gushed that “this made my day,” “the TikTok universe is now complete,” and “YESSSSSS I’m blessed to be alive in this dolly tiktok era,” to name a few.

Parton has shared 10 new TikToks since making her debut, as of publication time on Monday (December 5). See her first 10 posts below: