Watch Kelly Clarkson Freak Out Over This Moment With Dolly Parton

Photo: Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson couldn’t help but fangirl over the legendary country music giant, Dolly Parton, as the two superstar artists rehearsed their “Kellyoke” duet for the fan-favorite musical segment of Clarkson’s daytime talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. Parton is set to appear on the show on Thursday (December 1).

Clarkson shared a sneak peek of the duet on The Kelly Clarkson Show’s Instagram account on Wednesday morning (November 30). As she and Parton prep their performance of Parton’s iconic hit song, “9 To 5,” Parton shows off her stunning vocals — and Clarkson threw her hands in the air and danced around the entire set (Parton laughed and told the original American Idol champ to “get your a** over here”).

Clarkson teamed up with Parton to debut a reimagined version of the iconic song earlier this year. Clarkson said at that time that it “was such an honor to join Dolly on this record and I am so happy with how it turned out.” The new version of “9 To 5” arrived with the Still Working 9 To 5 documentary, which aims to examine “40 years of inequality.” Parton added that “nobody sings like Kelly Clarkson. …I love her voice on ‘9 to 5’ and I am so proud I got to sing with her on it.”

Music Director Jason Halbert said in a preview clip that The Kelly Clarkson Show’s team “blended” the two versions of “9 To 5” together for Thursday’s duet. “It’s so cool, and just hearing Dolly’s iconic voice on it and — we had to pull out all the stops. We brought in a horn section (and) we recreated the typewriter sound from the original version. It’s just such a fun song to play and such a cool part of history. Couldn’t be more excited.”

Watch the sneak peek here: