Jake Owen Shares The Sweetest Tribute On His Daughter's Birthday

Photo: Getty Images

Jake Owen paid tribute to one of his daughters as she celebrated a milestone birthday… Pearl, the country artist’s oldest daughter, is officially 10 years old.

“I can’t believe my little Pearl is double digits!” Owen gushed in his heartfelt Instagram caption as he shared a series of memories with Pearl throughout her life. “10 years flew by so fast. I can only imagine how fast the next 10 will go by. I’ve had a pretty incredible journey in this life, but nothing compares to being the father of a daughter. There’s so many of you that have watched her grow up and be such a special part of her/our lives. Happy 10th Birthday my Pearly Girly. I ❤️ you.”

Owen’s tribute to Pearl prompted tons of comments, wishing her a happy birthday and praising the father-daughter duo. Pearl is big sister to Paris, who turned 3 years old in April. Owen also showed at that time that he’s the ultimate “girl dad,” writing that “we have a healthy three-year-old beautiful daughter that melts me every day. I’m so thankful to be a father and even more thankful to raise little girls.”

See Owen’s birthday post for his daughter Pearl here: