Jordan Davis Announces New Album Coming Out In February

Jordan Davis stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to announce his new album Bluebird Days will be out February 17th, 2023!

Fresh off his big win at the CMA Awards, Davis announced on the show for the first time that his second full-length album is finally done and turned in. It’s called Bluebird Days, and will be out February 17th. “Bluebird Days” is a hunting term that means perfect conditions, and Davis feels he’s in his “bluebird days” right now, both professionally and personally. He moved to Nashville in hopes of becoming a songwriter and has now accomplished things he never dreamed of. Davis said he’s in a very good spot and is in the bluebird days of his life. Oddly enough though, the title track is about his parents' divorce. He said it serves almost as a cautionary tale about how fast things can change.  

When “Buy Dirt” won ‘Song of the Year’ at the 2022 CMA Awards, he didn’t think he would win and mentally prepared to smile and congratulate the winner, so when he heard his name called, he was truly shocked. Looking back now, he realized he hugged his brother first, who he wrote the song with, and not his wife. He felt bad about it and apologized after the show to her, but he and his brother were just so happy the song they wrote together won. 

The first single from “Bluebird Days” is expected to be released at the beginning of the year.