Shay Mooney Shows How His Growing Family Is Decorating For Christmas

Photo: Getty Images

Shay Mooney and his family waste no time getting into the Christmas spirit! The Dan + Shay artist shared a glimpse into the Mooney family home as they decorate Christmas trees and listen to holiday music (and no, no one in the household says “it’s too early” to start getting festive).

The festive decor comes shortly after Dan + Shay released their latest single, “Holiday Party,” which they started teasing right after Halloween. Mooney’s duo partner, Dan Smyers, dropped a hint in the Instagram comments as he and Mooney shared the first snippet of the track: “Should we drop it this week? 😇”

“Holiday Party” released on Friday (November 4), becoming the latest Dan + Shay Christmas song with plenty of time to listen throughout the holiday season: “We'll throw a holiday party/ Don't tell anybody/ We'll pour us a drink and hang some lights on the tree/ We'll be jingle bell rockin’/ ’Til the neighbors come knockin’/ So turn up the fire, playin' on the TV/ Watchin' for Santa from the top of the roof/ While we're wrapped up in a blanket for two/ We'll throw a holiday party/ Holiday party/ For just me and you.”

Next Christmas, the Mooney family will have one more helper with the decorations… Mooney and his wife, Hannah, announced earlier this year that their third child is on the way. The proud parents welcomed their first child, Asher, in January 2017, and Ames followed in February 2020. Mooney’s third son is expected in February. See how the family is getting into the Christmas spirit here: