Carrie Underwood Features Nod To 'Before He Cheats' In New Breakup Anthem

Photo: Getty Images

Carrie Underwood’s latest heartbreak single is the perfect girl-power anthem for kicking an ex to the curb. The award-winning country music powerhouse premiered the new “Hate My Heart” music video on Wednesday (November 2), starting it with a group of women slamming doors in men’s faces and letting out frustrated screams.

That’s then the group of ride-or-die friends declare that they’re “so done,” and turn to their go-to post-breakup routines, including intense workouts (Underwood obviously isn’t skipping leg day, or missing a chance to unleash a series of punches against a bag in front of stunned gym-goers), digging into some ice cream while watching an emotional movie, swiping through dating apps and splurging on some retail therapy. One of the friends, Jenny, even nods to Underwood’s iconic 2005 breakup anthem “Before He Cheats,” when she carves her name into the leather seats of a car to get her perfect revenge.

After wrapping up her workout, Underwood declares in a group text: “We’re Goin’ Out, Who’s IN?” The women grab a drink at the bar and make their way to the front of the crowd to watch their doubles perform on stage. A superstar version of Underwood rocks “Hate My Heart” on the stage of the packed venue, along with a powerful all-female band (looking eerily similar to the friend group). Underwood even crowd surfs at her own show, and makes her way onstage in front of her double by the end of the song:

“I hate my heart right now/ Underneath the covers in the dark right now/ Wishin' I was sitting in a bar right now/ Two drinks in/ Makin' me a last call friend/ I want my feel good back/ Instead of feeling bad that I can't get past/ The fact that I can't love nobody else/ I would if I could, but I don't know how/ I hate my heart right now”

“Hate My Heart” is one of 12 tracks on Underwood’s latest album, Denim & Rhinestones, which released earlier this year. Underwood co-wrote the track with Hillary Lindsey, David Garcia and HARDY. Her long-awaited project is packed with fan-favorite anthems like “Ghost Story,” “Pink Champagne,” the title track and more. The entire collection is one that groups together “a lot of songs that could be kind of considered ‘throwback’ type songs, but they sound so super fresh. …I really just wanted to make an album that just felt like fun.”

Underwood recently launchd her “Denim & Rhinestones Tour,” bringing Las Vegas-worthy elements to her performance (following the first leg of her residency, which is set to pick up again next year) and eye-popping fashion to the stage as she performs her career-spanning hits. See her remaining tour dates below.

Underwood's latest video was directed by Shaun Silva — who also directed Underwood's video with Jason Aldean for the duo's smash-hit heartbreak duet, “If I Didn’t Love You,” featured on Aldean's massive double album —and filmed at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee. Watch the new “Hate My Heart” music video here:


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