Brooke Eden Makes History On Magazine Cover Ahead Of Her Wedding Day

Photo: JJ Ignotz for Love Inc.

Brooke Eden is reflecting on her journey of coming out, finding her truly authentic self and her relationship with fiancée Hilary Hoover in a new Love Inc. story. The “equality-minded wedding magazine” debuted its first-ever print issue on newsstands on Tuesday (October 25), featuring Eden on the cover.

“We are proud to announce the first nationally distributed print issue of our magazine Love Inc., a publication devoted to creating inclusive content for all couples,” said Founder and Editor in Chief, Brittny Drye, in a statement. “We are honored to have country music artist Brooke Eden as our cover star and delve into her story of coming out in the typically conservative country music world as well as planning her upcoming wedding with fiancée Hilary Hoover. The fact that we are able to take a digital publication to print in a time when most publications are going from print to digital, speaks to the impact our magazine has on our readers and community.”

Eden shared on Instagram that she’s “so proud” to be Love Inc.’s first-ever cover girl. “Love Inc is a magazine dedicated to bringing equality and inclusiveness to the wedding industry. So many wedding publications are so heteronormative, but Love Inc chooses to show LOVE in all forms. Congratulations to [Brittny Drye] for bringing this monumental magazine to newsstands! Representation matters and you put your money where your mouth is. Honored 🌈👰🏼‍♀️🌈 Ps. My hott new wife is in the magazine as well 🔥👰🏽‍♀️”

The country artist and her soon-to-be wife, who is part of Garth Brooks’ and Trisha Yearwood’s teams, were “kicking off wedding week in Paradise” together, Eden shared on Instagram on Monday (October 24). Hoover posted the same photo, writing in her caption that she would “highly recommend forcing your family and friends to go on a Mexican vacation with you for your wedding 🇲🇽 LET’S GO!”

Photo: JJ Ignotz for Love Inc.

Eden spoke with Love Inc. about her life-changing path to finding her authentic voice, what it was like growing up in church and her decision to come out in the country music industry, typically known as a conservative genre. The magazine’s photoshoot included snapshots of Eden and Hoover in wedding attire around her Florida hometown, featuring looks by LGBTQ+ fashion designers, Love Inc. noted in a press release.

“First week of radio tour, I meet the love of my life. I thought, this is not going to be a problem. The world’s changed so much. And then it was. When they told me that I had to stay in the closet, I felt like a deflated balloon,” Eden recalled in the Love Inc. cover story. Still, she knew that coming out was the right decision: “I remember talking to Hilary and contemplating if and when I’m going to come out, and how I’m going to come out. And I was like, ‘gosh, it would just be so much easier if someone came out, so it’d be easier for me to come out.’ And then I realized, ‘wait ...maybe I need to come out so it’s easier for someone else to come out.’”

“The most important thing about getting married is that you’re so happy to be with your partner on your wedding day,” Eden told Love Inc. “Figure out what’s important to you at the beginning. And don’t let anyone else push you into what they think is important.”

Readers can find the new issue of Love Inc. at dozens of major retailers across the U.S. and Canada now.