Lauren Bushnell Lane Admits She's 'Nervous' To Become A Mother Of 2 Soon

Photo: Getty Images

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell Lane are getting ready to welcome their second child, and Lauren admitted she’s “a little nervous” to have her second baby so close in age to her firstborn, Dutton Walker.

Lauren fielded a few questions from her social media followers during a Q&A on her Instagram story on Sunday (October 9). When one Instagram user asked, “How are you feeling about being a mom of 2 soon?!,” Lauren replied candidly: “To be honest, I am very scared! So excited to meet our little man and for Dutton to have a sibling (that was always the plan) but they will be much closer in age than planned and it makes me a little nervous!”

She answered a few other questions throughout her Instagram story Q&A, including baby proofing tips, an update on the status of the baby’s nursery and home renovations, to name a few. Lauren and her country star husband announced earlier this year that baby No. 2 is on the way. Lauren said at the time that they were “shocked” to learn that they would welcome their second baby so soon, but they’d always planned on at least having two kids. The Lanes married in October 2019 and announced in June 2021 that they’d welcomed their first child.  “We blinked, and it was here,” Chris told iHeartRadio of Dutton’s first birthday earlier this year. He added that “we’re excited” to have another addition to the family. “It’s gonna be awesome.”

Lauren and Chris each shared heartwarming posts when they announced last month that they’re expecting another boy. Lauren posted some sweet family photos, wearing a light blue sundress, and Chris shared a clip from the gender reveal, set to “Ain’t Even Met You Yet.” Lauren gushed at the time: “We can’t wait to meet you baby BOY 💙💙💙.”