Zac Brown Band & Ingrid Andress Are The Combo You Didn't Know You Needed

Photo: Getty Images

Zac Brown Band added Ingrid Andress to a new version of “Any Day Now,” as the band gets ready to release the deluxe edition of their latest album, The Comeback.

“Any day now I'm gonna pack this truck up/ You left my heart out in the rain to rust/ Told me all the things that you had enough of/ And I swore I was gonna change/ Any day now I'll make up for the heartache/ Any day now but you couldn't wait/ Judging by the screen door, slam two taillights fading outta town/ Guess it's any day now.”

The Comeback released in October 2021, including “Out In The Middle,” “Slow Burn” and “Same Boat,” among other fan-favorite tracks that blend blending influences from all eight band members. Frontman Zac Brown hailed it “the best album that I’ve ever made” during an exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party. Nearly a year after releasing The Comeback, Zac Brown Band is gearing up to debut a 21-track deluxe edition on September 30. Along with Andress, the band has teamed up with James Taylor, Jamey Johnson and Marcus King, Cody Johnson, and Blake Shelton on reimagined versions of previously-released songs. Listen to the latest one here: