Maddie & Tae Take Matters Into Their Own Hands To Kick A Toxic Man Out

Photo: Getty Images

Maddie & Tae take matters into their own hands to help a woman kick her ex to the curb in their sassy new music video for “Spring Cleaning.” The empowering anthem pledges to tidy up to get rid of a toxic partner:

“Ooh, you're takin' up space/ It's time to tidy up and take you out my brain/ Ooh, what do you see?/ Cleanin' out the closet looks good on me/ It ain't spring, but I'm cleanin' house/ It ain't spring, but I'm cleanin' out/ It ain't spring, but I'm cleanin' house/ So come and get your sh*t out.”

Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr take on roles as housekeeping employees, and as they clean a penthouse, they can’t help but hear an argument on the other side of the shared wall. That’s when they head next door, seeing the man leave, and clean house. “Disco ball, meets air guitar, meets singing into brooms,” Maddie & Tae said as they premiered the music video on Friday (September 9).

“Spring Cleaning” is the latest song to release from Through The Madness Vol. 2, which is set to release on September 23. Watch Maddie & Tae’s “Spring Cleaning” music video here (warning: explicit language):