Dustin Lynch Ignites A Spark In His Relationship In This Smoldering Ballad

Photo: Getty Images

Dustin Lynch debuted a new single on Friday (September 9), serving as a tribute to the kind of love that will always have a spark even when the fire seems to fade away. Lynch’s smoldering ballad, “Wood On The Fire,” is one that the country hitmaker expects will be relatable to a broad range of listeners, switching gears from “Party Mode” and other recent party anthems he’s released.

“This song is all about that type of relationship that, even when it’s fizzled down to smoke, you just can’t get enough of it,” Lynch said in a statement. “It’s a relatable message and we had a good time writing this one. Hope ya like it!”

Lynch wrote the lyrics to the song about the nearly-extinguished relationship with Hunter Phelps, Jordan Minton, and Jordan Reynolds, reads a press release announcing the song on Friday. Though it seems to have burnt out, Lynch depicts a relationship that is still burning:

“Taillights leaving where I should stay/ Pick you up and end up at your place/ Turn to one never hurt nobody/ Drink into an all-nighter/ One touch, one kiss, next thing you know/ Me over you goes up in smoke/ Every time we're almost down to coast/ It's one more, one last timer/ We keep throwing wood on the fire/ We keep throwing wood on the fire/ When we shouldn't let it get any higher/ Baby we keep throwing wood on the fire”

Listen to “Wood On The Fire” here: