Jimmie Allen Teases Emotional Heartache Anthem: 'If Life Was A Movie...'

Photo: Getty Images

Jimmie Allen posted a snippet of an unreleased song on Instagram on Thursday (September 1), and his social media followers are loving the emotional song that longs for life to be more like a movie… The brief audio clip paints a picture of Allen listening to the lyrics of George Strait’s 1980s classic “Marina Del Rey” in his truck as he rushes back to his girlfriend.

The hypothetical movie would be just about getting to the good part, Allen sings. He describes the scene as he runs in slow motion down the driveway in the pouring rain. The woman would call his name, and as he gets ready to apologize, they would share a romantic kiss that's worthy of making the whole world believe in love again.

But, Allen acknowledges on the wistful song, real life doesn’t play out that way: “The way this ends, wouldn’t be the way this ends/ If life was a movie.”

Allen’s Instagram followers gushed over the song in the comments, including: “The love i have for this song knows no bounds,” “Love ittttttt!!!,” and “FINALLY! You sang this in 2019 at a show and i never heard it again! I was literally just thinking about this song the other day,” and “😫😩🥺I get sooo emotional lately 😭😭😭💔” Listen to Allen’s heartfelt song here: