Mickey Guyton Shares Bubbly, 'Joy-Filled' Tribute To Being In Love

Photo: Getty Images

Mickey Guyton is opening a new era of bringing “love and light” through her personality and her music, she said as she debuted the single in a performance on the TODAY Show. She released a new song on Friday (August 26), kicking off the weekend with a bubbly new love song, inspired by the love in her own life.

Guyton reflected on the time she took to “unplug” over the summer, focusing on her music and the most meaningful parts of her life. When she took that break, “what I found was so much love,” she shared on her social media channels. “What I found was so much love. I had such an amazing time writing this with [Tyler Hubbard] and David Garcia. This song just has a fun vibe and is about being enamored with everything about your partner. I just LOVE love and hope that when you listen to it, it reminds you of that special someone.”

The heartfelt song is one of Guyton’s latest releases since she shared her debut LP, Remember Her Name, last year. The country music trailblazer’s 16-track project included fan-favorites like the title track, “All American,” “Love My Hair,” “Black Like Me” and more. Guyton announced her new song earlier this week, saying that she’s “been working on so much new music” lately.

“‘Somethin’ Bout You’ is reminiscent of those easy, joy-filled, early days of loving someone, and discovering something new in each other every day,” Guyton said in a statement. “Since having my son Grayson, I’ve been seeing the arc of life from a new perspective, and I love celebrating every bit of it – from heartbreak to finding your person and falling in love, to the newfound love between a parent and a child. This song is the start of that journey.”

Listen to “Somethin’ Bout You” here: