Jana Kramer Reveals Her Next Single After Teasing New Music

Photo: Getty Images

Jana Kramer took a poll from her social media followers, and now, she’s getting ready to release her next single. Kramer announced on Monday (August 15) that she would release “The Nicest Thing” in September, though she didn’t give an exact date.

“The nicest thing you ever could have done was just keep walking….could’ve stayed two strangers why’d you mess it up with talking,” Kramer quoted from the song when she announced it on Instagram. That confirmation comes a few days after Kramer played a snippet of “The Nicest Thing” and another song, “Let It Burn,” and asked fans which song they preferred for her next single: “Help me pick my new single!!!! What’s it gonna be? The Nicest Thing or Let it Burn?! Wouldn’t be here without your support and I love having you guys be a part of each step of the journey 🤍”

Kramer’s announcement comes shortly after she confirmed that she had new music in the works. She previously teased on social media: “New music ……coming soon…..and the next single is going to be picked by YOU…..stay tuned for details….” “The Nicest Thing” will mark Kramer’s latest release since “The Story,” an emotional track that’s “my song for my babies.” Listen to a brief audio clip of “The Nicest Thing” (and “Let It Burn”) here: