Carly Pearce 'Couldn't Even Sing Through All The Tears' At This Show

Photo: Getty Images

Carly Pearce shared a TikTok this weekend of an "insane" show that left her unable to sing through the tears.

The video shows a large crowd loudly singing Pearce's song "What He Didn't Do" without any of her help. Pearce watches in awe and tries to join in but gives the mic to her fans as they continue singing along without her vocals. "last night was INSANE. this song just went to radio..." she wrote. "I couldn’t even sing through all the tears!" she added. Fans praised her in the comments with one writing, "This has got to be an amazing feeling as an artist."

See more of their reactions and watch the TikTok below:

You are so AMAZING you don’t know how many women you helped with that album 💿 I’m one of them 🥰
You are putting in these women and young girls mind that you should never settle. Proud woman moment for you…
CHILLS ✨this is how you know you spoke to your fans!!!!

Pearce recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of her Grand Ole Opry induction. “One year ago today, I became a member of the coolest family in all the land,” she wrote on social media. “This moment will forever be one of the greatest honors of my career. I love you [Grand Ole Opry]!”