Priscilla Block Kicks Off The Weekend Going 'Off The Deep End' At The Bar

Photo: Getty Images

Priscilla Block is going “Off The Deep End” this weekend. The Welcome To The Block Party artist debuted her latest single on Friday (August 5), serving as a tribute to a wild night out on Downtown Nashville’s Lower Broadway:

“You can find me at the bar/ Shuttin' down Broadway/ Goin' too hard/ Bats*** crazy/ So, turn the night up to ten/ The whiskey's fine, jump in/ Goin' off, off, off, off, off the deep end”

Block wrote the upbeat party anthem with Martin Johnson and Brandon Paddock, calling on listeners to “embrace their wild side and jump ‘off the deep end’” every once in a while, reads a press release announcing Block’s new single.

“We had such a blast creating ‘Off the Deep End,’” Block said in the release. “Hope this one gets you feeling a little wild whether it’s at the bar, at the pool, or you found your Boat Daddy for the summer! Life’s short - sometimes you gotta let your crazy side show! I’ll be right there with y’all, Off the Deep End!”

The new song comes shortly after Block announced the second leg of her headlining tour, the “Welcome To The Block Party Tour.” It’s set to kick off in the fall. “The fans absolutely blew me away earlier this year, selling out shows, singing every word to every song, and making my songs their own,” Block recalled when announcing the new tour dates last month. See the upcoming performance dates here.

Find “Off The Deep End” on iHeartRadio here.