Watch Taylor Lautner Do Backflips On Stage During A Kane Brown Concert

Photo: Getty Images

Kane Brown welcomed a special guest on stage during a recent performance, and concertgoers said it was “amazing.” Brown shared a clip of the show on TikTok, capturing actor Taylor Lautner doing backflips onstage during Brown’s set.

The “Like I Love Country Music” singer spotlighted “sharkboy out here doing backflips,” referencing Lautner’s character in the 2004 film, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Lautner also shared the video on Instagram, captioning it with Brown’s lyrics: “Ain’t life grand.”

Brown released “Grand” earlier this month, and premiered the high-energy music video this week: “Ain’t life grand/ Only ones I keep around me is my fam/ No coincidence, it's always been the plan/ And I always keep it trilly with the fans/ Oh, ain’t life grand/ And I love a little whiskey in my hand/ Make it disappear then reappear again/ Matter fact I never want this life to end until the end”

“Grand” is one of 17 tracks included on Brown’s highly-anticipated new album, which is set to drop on September 9. Different Man will include a few other previously-released songs that fans already love, including “Leave You Alone,” “One Mississippi,” and “Whiskey Sour.”

Watch Lautner join Brown on stage here: