Here's How Brian Kelley's Florida Hometown Inspired His Latest Project

Photo: Getty Images

Brian Kelley kicked off the Fourth of July weekend with a patriotic anthem. It turns out, Kelley kept busy during the holiday weekend, taking it as the perfect opportunity to catch footage for the music video. Kelley credited photographer Ben Christensen with directing the video, thanking him for “coming to town on the 4th to capture this amazing energy and true American spirit!” The “American Spirit” music video premiered on Friday (July 15).

“We wanted to capture the energy and spirit of Fourth of July at home in Florida. The parade grows every year in Grayton Beach, and the celebration on the beach gets even more fun!” Kelley shared in a statement. “Our friends always set up a huge flag in front of their driveway, so during the afternoon when everyone was at the beach, we did one quick performance shot for this music video to tie it all in with the great footage we captured of families and friends celebrating, soaking up the Florida sun, and giving thanks to our service members. I just love our town – good times, good vibez [sic], and good people.”

Kelley dedicated the song to first responders and service members, with a shout-out to his Poppy (John Edward Kelley) and Uncle Mike who both served.” He pledged to “always support our brave defenders” as he released the song:

“American spirit, that red, white and blue/ It's flying for freedom, for me and for you/ It's what I believe in, this country I love/ That American spirit runs in our blood”

Watch Kelley’s new music video here: