Tyler Hubbard Unveils His Favorite Items From A Childhood Time Capsule

Photo: Getty Images

Tyler Hubbard shared a “show-and-tell” session on his social media channels, reflecting on some of the childhood items that defined his life. Hubbard unearthed a time capsule in one of his latest music videos, and now, he’s unveiling its contents and explaining what each item means to him.

“So, ‘35’s’ is really about being present and slowing down in life and enjoying life for what it is,” Hubbard explained of his latest single. “I’m guilty of running too fast all the time and I honestly need a reminder on a daily basis to slow down, take life in, and let it all sink in, everything around you. Really, my favorite part of the video was the fact that I got to dig up a time capsule, which I burned when I was 8 or 9 years old, which had a lot of special things that kind of reminded me of where I came from, of who I am.”

Hubbard opened his time capsule and explained the significance of each item inside. He included his Bible (“kind of my ‘life map,’ if you will”), family photos, one of the first CDs he owned as a kid, and a note that he wrote to himself.

“This is probably one of my favorite parts of the time capsule, which was a note from myself that I wrote when I was a kid to my 35 year old self,” Hubbard said in the video. “It was just a reminder to stay young and remember where you came from and make sure you stay rooted in your values and who you know you are. And this, for me, kind of represents a lot of the work I’ve done over the years — mentally, emotionally, therapy work — I’ve written myself, I’ve written my younger self letters, you know, in the last few years. I’ve written my older self letters. So, this just kind of represents all those things and makes it kind of extra special.”

Hubbard released “35’s” last month, following his debut single, “5 Foot 9.” The country singer-songwriter wrote “35’s” a few years ago with Jordan Schmidt and Michael Tyler, and now, he said it’s “an anthem in my home that I never get tired of.” Watch the music video here: