Sam Hunt Reflects On His Best Fourth Of July Memories Growing Up In Georgia

Photo: Getty Images

Sam Hunt had the best time on the Fourth of July when he was growing up in Georgia, the country artist recalled in a statement shared by his record label. Hunt said he spent the holiday with his grandfather and other family members, watching the fireworks and eating homemade ice cream. He remembered:

“My granddad on the other side of my family, he would always take a lot of pride…fireworks were actually, I’m from Georgia, and most of them were illegal, I’m pretty sure, growing up. But over in Alabama, that’s where all the firework stands were, and we only had to drive 10, 15 minutes to get to the Alabama line, so we could go get a bundle of fireworks pretty easy. But he would always take a lot of pride in going and finding all the good stuff and coming back with a big pile. He’d have his torch out there at the end of the driveway and we’d all eat homemade ice cream and put down towels on the driveway and he’d shoot off fireworks for 30-45 minutes. Such a good time.”

Hunt has released several nostalgic, heartfelt tracks in the last year, including “Water Under The Bridge,” “Start Nowhere,” “Walmart,” “Outskirts” and “Women In My Life.” His latest song is a heartwarming tribute that made its debut just in time for Mother’s Day, as Hunt is getting ready to become a father of two.

Hunt and his wife, Hannah Lee Fowlerwelcomed firstborn child Lucy Lu last year, and they’re getting ready to welcome Baby No. 2. He made the announcement during his two-night run at Resorts World Theater in Las Vegas earlier this year. Hunt recently shared a few sweet family photos, and reflected on how fatherhood has him “experiencing (life) in a whole new way.”