Miranda Lambert's Mom Is Officially Cancer-Free: 'She's Ready To Roll'

Photo: Getty Images

Miranda Lambert hailed her mom as an “unstoppable” and “positive” woman.

The country music trailblazer opened up about her mom's breast cancer battle in a new interview, confirming that Beverly June is officially cancer-free.

Since her mom was diagnosed, Lambert has joined her dad and her brother in Texas to help support her mom. Beverly — who said her superstar daughter was “steady as a rock” — credited the ongoing support with helping her fight cancer. Beverly told PEOPLE: “The entire journey, I felt like there was an army behind me praying for me and cheering me on. It worked! I'm cancer-free today!”

Beverly also opened up about some of the “rawest and most tearful moments,” whether it was in-person or on FaceTime. Lambert, for example, was with her mom via video call while she shaved her head amid cancer treatments.

“She's been through a whole lot, but she's doing really well, and she's ready to roll,” Lambert said of her mom in the new interview with PEOPLE. “I was able to be with her through the hardest parts. She's unstoppable. She's just been so strong and positive through the whole thing. …All I want to do is dream, live in the moment and spend time doing things I love with my friends and family because this thing with my mom has taught me we don't have them forever.”

Lambert recently shared a few sweet photos with her mom and her grandmother, Wanda Louise. The three generations combined to form the perfect name for one of Lambert’s latest projects, a home goods collection, heartwarmingly “inspired by laughter, love, and memories.”